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CEOs & sales teams love working with Volley

"When we look at some of the stories of the wins that came through Volley, we can trace them back to personalized outreach...That level of focus that Volley brings will always be a differentiator!"

Jason Lavender

"From initial interest to actionable excitement, Volley transformed conversations into clear next steps. Our messaging stood out, prompting responses from even the most skeptical."

Scott Taylor

Derek Szeto

"There's been all sorts of other AI solutions out there... but the way Volley develops a custom program that fits within our workflow is more high touch and very much appreciated.”

CEO & Co-Founder, Electives


Founder & Co-CEO, Startwise

CEO & Co-Founder, Walnut


What is the Volley platform?

The Volley platform generates outbound messages that are relevant & unique to every prospect. It finds relevant research content about each of your prospects and generates a message that logically connects the research, prospect, and what you're selling.

I’ve tried AI-generated emails but they weren’t good enough to send. How are you different?

Volley was built based on our experience launching human-personalised emails to over 100,000 company executives, booking thousands of meetings for our clients. Every email was written by a trained sales rep and we’ve become experts at the science of doing research-based personalization.

Also, we know everyone has their personal style. When setting up a campaign you can guide the AI so that it more closely adapts your communication style.

Where does this fit in my sales reps’ workflow?

Volley ingests a list of prospects you want to reach out to. It then finds relevant research content online and uses that to generate a personalised & relevant message for each prospect. Once generated, it is sent to your sales engagement tool to be launched in the appropriate sequence/campaign.

Does this integrate with my CRM & sales engagement tools?

Your sales engagement tool will automate the sending of messages. Volley is the brain that ensures those messages are unique and relevant to every recipient. You can bring the data from Volley into any sales engagement tool using a csv export, and we are adding new integrations regularly. Currently we integrate with

What kind of research sources can I use within Volley?

The platform leverages 50+ sources of the prospect’s online content as inspiration for the personalized messages (e.g., Glassdoor reviews, company website, social media profiles, etc...)

How will the messages be relevant to my prospects and what I’m selling to them?

The platform will use your industry expertise & ICP knowledge as an input. It will connect the dots between online research content, your service/product, and the person receiving your email.

What parts of the sequence can Volley personalise?

Volley personalises whichever part of a sequence that you’d like it to, from the subject line all the way to your call-to-action.

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